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The Orgin of WaterGuard

WaterGuard has been an ambitious project undertaken by Sanikleen Group Australia (SGA) Pty Ltd. Sanikleen has been in the industrial hygiene business for over 20 years. Which  of course amounts to plenty of time on the end of a hose.

Cleaning many of Australia’s largest food and beverage production facilities we grew frustrated by systems failing, costing us hours and ultimately money. A well performing cleaning system could be the difference between a profitable site or a nightmare site. Having a durable system is almost more important than having a high performing system. After all, a cleaning system that spends more time down than operational is just as hurtful to our bottom-line as it is the food manufacturers.

With over 15 years experience on the front lines, using and often maintaining these cleaning systems nightly we decided that we wanted to make some upgrades. So the SGA team set out to develop a superior system then those currently on the market… and we’ve used just about all of them.

After 3 years of R&D we have addressed many of the issues we identified including durability, performance, affordability and part/service accessibility. We now believe that we have created the best medium pressure cleaning system on the market. 

Designed and engineered locally, we offer excellent quality. WaterGuard is the ideal cleaning system solution for your facility if you want premium without the pricetag.