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What can a WaterGuard system do for you?


WaterGuard’s medium pressure cleaning system has been developed over the last 5 years by Australia’s most certified cleaning company. The cornerstone of the system is the optimally sized Grundfos pump which is partnered with a high-flow stainless manifolds built to maximize the pumps potential.

5 Year Warranty

Up to 350 Liters / Minute

Quick & Easy Australian Parts

We work with Industry Leaders

What’s Included?

A 10+ User External Pump Unit

We can provide an external pump which offers improved durability and space savings in production areas. We offer pumps that can be manned by up to 30 people simultaneously.

Wall Mount Rinsing, Foaming & Sanitising Stations

Highly accurate chemical titration. Our satallite stations bolt onto the wall in key cleaning areas. Saving your cleaners time and you money.

Durable Food Grade Hose & Fittings

Benefit from 40 bar, high temp hose developed by SGA for food production plants and our quick coupling stainless fittings.

External Pump Units

Pump Options

A Choice of:

  • 3 User External Pump
  • 5 User External Pump
  • 10+ User External Pump
  • Customer Applications

Note: The user limit refers to the number of simultaneous people that draw water from the pump at any given time.

Wall Mount Satellites

Satellite Options

All wall mount satellites are of the same design and functionality. 

They offer 316 stainless housing to protect the internals which are IP64 rated. Our satellite units can rinse, foam and sanitise all with the flick of a lever.

A single satellite unit paired with our quick coupling hosing can cover a radias of up to 20 meters.

We can map your facility and calculate the optimal units for superior coverage.

40 Bar Hose

Per Metre Options

The waterguard hose was designed to compete with the European manufactured food grade hose – commonly regarded as the best in industry. The issue for Australia is how expensive it is per metre with the Euro and freight costs.

The waterGuard hose engineered by SGA is a third of the price, and is perhaps even more durable with 3 layers of rubber – the outer layer is extremely durable. The second and most inner layers disperse the heat and allows temps of up to 80 degrees celsius and can withstand pressures of 40 bar.

You will find no better food grade, high quality hoses for the price.

Hose Nozzle Fittings

Fitting Options

WaterGuard Nozzles consist of three parts:

  1. The Quick Coupling Fitting
  2. The Handle
  3. The Nozzle Attachment

The Quick Coupling connection was engineered to complement our hose design, allowing for the hose to be cut or trimmed and the quick coupler attached. This means our hose and the fittings are not single use and have a much longer lifespan. Simply romove the quick coupling fitting and insert into a new or trimmed hose.

Our Ergonomic handle can then be easily attached by the ball locking quick coupling.

Pick from a rinsing, foaming and sanitising nozzle to screw into the ergonomic handle. Each nozzle is colour coded for your convenience and constructed with 316 stainless steal for excellent durability.

Installation Quote

Quotation Services

For most accurate installation costing numbers, we often suggest 3 separate quotes:

  1. A quote from our teachnicians
  2. A quote from our partnered 3rd party organisation
  3. A quote from your preferred partners

WaterGuard System Information


The WaterGuard cleaning system is a complete end to end medium pressure cleaning system, that operates at around 20 bar of water pressure. It has been engineered specifically for the Food & Beverage industry, with particular attention to durability and longevity to maximize uptime and save costs.


Sanikleen Group Australia (SGA) have 30 years of experience cleaning Food & Beverage production facilities. After years of being at the mercy of broken pump units or satellites we’ve decided to do something about it. The WaterGuard system is our answer, the culmination of our industrial cleaning experience and hose time paired with ingenuitive engineering. The end result is an Australian manufactured end to end medium pressure cleaning system that addresses the short comings of systems we’ve experienced and makes improvements, all without the ridiculous mark-ups.


Our WaterGuard Packages offer customers a selection of Pump units that cater to the customers needs based on the number of simultaneous users required at a particular facility.

Customers will also have a choice of satellite units – which are in essence wall mounted rinsing, foaming and sanitation stations. These stations accurately titrate chemical in real time, therefore saving on chemical and water wastage.


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