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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why No Standard Pricing?

The WaterGuard Systems have so many variables from both internal and external standpoints. It is for this reason that we decided it best that our technicians and engineers are consulted upfront. They can facilitate your requirements and come to site to offer professional recommendations and accurate quotations.

Can I Purchase Individual Items?

Yes, we aim to accommodate all of your needs. Purchasing complete WaterGuard Cleaning Systems is a quotation process. But the ‘Parts & Accessories’ shop is available for you to purchase individual components.

What Pressure Do The Systems Use?

20 bar. Sanikleen Group Australia has tested various different water pressure configurations. Nothing is more effective or efficient than medium pressure water.

How Can We Offer Such Competitive Pricing?

WaterGuard is produced by Sanikleen Group Australia, an industry leading food & beverage hygiene company that employs over 500 staff. Therefore WaterGuard directly benefits from the existing infrastructure SGA have in place, which is reflected in the competitive pricing.

Where is WaterGuard Manufactured?

WaterGuard has been designed, engineered and is assembled in Australia. A few key components are manufactured locally and the rest of the system is manufactured overseas. Rest assured the components are of the highest quality, with tight quality controls and 3 years of R+D.

What does the Quote Process Look Like?

One of our technicians will get on the phone to discuss your system requirements and facility infrastructure. A site visit will then be arranged for detailed scoping, quoting and professional recommendations.