Air Regulator + Gauge


The Air Regulator & Pressure gauge is an essential component for the WaterGuard manifolds. Offering consistent hosing pressure that’s easy to adjust with the rotary knob and lock system.

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Our Air Regulator & Gauge is a pneumatic pressure regulator that lets you maintain constant pressure in your factory automation systems. It's easy to use and can be quickly adjusted with its screw-in valve. The gauge on the end of the regulator shows your current air pressure level, making it easier to monitor changes and make adjustments as needed. The setting valves can be locked in place using the rotary knob. This air regulator is an essential component for our WaterGuard systems, it offers smooth consistent pressurization.

� NBR (nitrile rubber) seals offer excellent resistance to deformation
� Sturdy and durable wrought-aluminium alloy housing
� Can be assembled in a wide range of positions, for flexible installation

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Dimensions 130 × 70 × 58 mm


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